Assistant Garden Maintainer & Driver

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Start Date: June 2020


Tasks include:

  • Keeping Daily Written Records of Work Completed
  • Photographing Work at Job Site for the Office
  • Careful Watering delicate interior plant and flower arrangements on delicate surfaces
  • Photographing work for office record keeping
  • Installing Christmas tree string lights
  • Hauling large hoses to water outside gardens
  • Watering delicate annual flower gardens
  • Working alone
  • Early Morning, NYC
  • Sometimes Long Hours


  • Must be a US Citizen or have papers to work in the USA
  • Good English Language Skills: Writing/Speaking/Understanding
  • Able to Keep Organized Written Records Everyday
  • Excellent Driving Experience in NYC and Clean Drivers License
  • Checkable Employment References in the United States
  • Able to Work Alone (after initial training period)
  • Comfortable on a ladder
  • Able to lift 45 pounds
  • Neat Appearance.
  • Non smoker
  • Good pay and Advancement
  • Part Time to start may lead to full time.
  • Permanent Position

Please send resume and cover letter to Please Include reference phone numbers of the Employer and Managers you have worked for (OK for prior work to be in another field!)

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