Landscape Manager

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The Landscape Manager will be responsible for the maintenance and restoration of the physical grounds of a 50+ acre garden-style apartment complex located in Yonkers, NY. The landscape consists of streetscapes, green courtyards under renovation for passive recreation, brook, a large lawn area adjoining a lake, and lake edge under renovation. There are many mature trees and a planting program is under way to create a succession planting.

The Landscape Manager will direct all personnel under their supervision and report directly to the Assistant General Manager; coordinate with Landscape Designer and Landscape Consultant; and ensure that the property is maintained at all times in good physical condition.


  • The Landscape Manager, through direct supervision of the Landscape and Utility Department oversees all grounds staff (between 5-8 staff members) employed at the property.
  • Train and be responsible for work performed by all grounds staff members under his/her direction.
  • Positively motivate on-site personnel, ensuring quality performance and retention of staff
  • Adhere to all company personnel directives and procedures.


  • Promote positive resident relations as well as positive employee relations.
  • Work with Inventory Manager to purchase necessary supplies and tools in accordance with company policy.
  • Continually inspect all aspects of the grounds (including but not limited to the drainage system, culverts, dam, playgrounds, sidewalks, garbage corrals, plantings, lawns, etc).
  • Ensure that residents are provided with a clean and well-maintained community.
  • Work within the established budget and notify the Assistant General Manager of any possible variations.
  • Complete Weekly Landscape Report
  • Meet Federal, State, and local government standards.
  • Compliance with local noise laws


  • Ensure proper protocol is followed at all times and ensure our quality standards are achieved.
  • Oversee snow removal process, including snow and ice removal from paths, sidewalks, parking lots, etc.
  • Oversee Waste Management Process (i.e., garbage collection, recycling, bulk furniture removal, construction debris, Compost Area, Dumpster and Compactor)
  • Ensure emergency weather events are handled safely and efficiently
  • Manage Turf with mowing and trimming
  • Maintain Beds with edging, weeding, and applying mulch
  • Maintain Shrubs and Small Trees based on pruning plan
  • Work with Landscape Designer to create new plantings throughout property: planting shrubs small trees,perennial and annual flowers.
  • Monitor trees and report any safety concerns immediately to Assistant General Manager
  • Oversee Tree Contractor(s), ensuring compliance with contracts and quality standards
  • Work with arborist to create new succession tree plantings.
  • Manage water needs of new trees/shrubs/turf grass, seasonal annuals, existing plants during times ofdrought, and irrigation system at Shoreview Lawn
  • General Maintenance of the property that includes blowing, sweeping, raking
  • Manage fall leaf clean up
  • Maintain Playgrounds to the highest safety standards and report any issues immediately to the Manager
  • Keep paths, sidewalks, and parking lots clean and free of debris
  • Maintain the Brook, Lake, Dam and Drains to be free from debris
  • Respond to flooding issues to maintain safety of the property and avoid damage to property
  • Manage invasive plants
  • Report any safety issues immediately to the Assistant General Manager

Vehicles and Equipment

  • Ensure that all Trucks are inspected Daily before and after use, report any issue to Manager immediately
  • Ensure that all vehicles and equipment are operated in a safe and responsible manner at all times
  • Perform basic maintenance of landscape equipment, reporting any equipment problems immediately to the Assistant General Manager
  • Manage equipment inventory, equipment servicing, and repairs
  • Maintenance of tools used for landscape work (i.e., sheers, pruners, hand saw, etc)
  • Keep garages clean and free of debris and obstacles, or safety hazards
  • Maintain Driver’s License in good standing and notify Manager of any issues with license

Reporting Responsibilities

  • This position reports directly to the Assistant General Manager.
  • Assist the Assistant General Manager in reporting for the Grounds department
  • Works in close coordination with Landscape Designer and Consultant


  • Five years’ experience in Landscape management.
  • 2-year Degree in Horticulture or equivalent
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to use computer, office software, and communicate by email.
  • Bilingual in English and Spanish is preferred.
  • Ability to lift up to 50 pounds
  • NYS DEC License Category 3A, or willing to become licensed

Additional Information

Contact Information

The Woodner Company
Contact Name: Theresa Pena