About Metro Hort

Metro Hort Group, Inc. is an association of horticulture professionals practicing in the New York Tri-State region. Our members are active in the worlds of public and private horticulture; we are landscape architects, designers, arborists, growers, educators, contractors, garden writers and every specialty in between. We create and deliver a greener New York. We sponsor meetings, lectures, workshops and field trips geared to common interests, with a focus on education, networking and socializing.

Our members gather to share ideas, information and employment opportunities. Each member receives a detailed listing in our online membership directory, an invaluable resource for horticulture professionals. Membership in Metro Hort Group offers the opportunity to stay connected in these challenging economic times.

To learn more about becoming a member of the Metro Hort Group, visit our membership page.

Board of Directors 2023

  • Charles Yurgalevitch, Ph.D., President
  • Stephanie Lucas, Vice President
  • Pamela Moulton, Secretary
  • Camilla McFadden, Treasurer
  • Rowan Blaik
  • Mark Davies
  • Kean Teck Eng
  • Gwenn Fried
  • Richard Hayden
  • Evelyn Manlove
  • Lynden B. Miller
  • Shanti Nagel
  • Andi Pettis
  • Richard M. Smith
  • Sabine Stezenbach
  • Julie Tan
  • Jossue Velasquez
  • Scott Vonderheide
  • Bob Hyland, Plant-O-Rama Manager