Plant-O-Rama 2020


Sponsored By: Metro Hort Group

SAVE THE DATE: Tuesday, January 28, 2020
24thannual Plant-O-Rama at Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Plant-O-Rama is a multi-faceted 1-day event for horticultural professionals and garden designers at all levels. Symposium, Trade Show, Jobs Fair, Breakout Sessions, and garden walks in BBG’s plant collections (weather permitting).

(Morning & Afternoon Sessions in BBG’s Auditorium) – Online Registration opens December 1, 2019

Featured Speakers:
Tree Jazz
William Bryant Logan

Planting trees is one of the best ways to mitigate climate change, but we need to stop treating trees as furniture and decoration and think about them as living beings with personal pronouns. Like in jazz music with just a few notes to make an infinite number of melodies, trees with just 3 organs are able to create infinite forms. In his talk, Bill reminds us to have “real” relationships with our trees on city streets and in gardens we design and maintain. He examines tree architecture, resilience, and life cycle and what that means for pruning and care.

Bill Logan is a practicing New York arborist and the author of four acclaimed books: Dirt, Oak, Air, and the most recent, Sprout Lands: Tending the Endless Gift of Trees.

A Way to Garden: Cultivating Connections
Margaret Roach

Margaret calls the garden “part Buddhist retreat and part science laboratory.” More all the time, her interest lies beyond “outdoor decorating”, focusing instead on what we as garden makers, and our clients, too, can derive from all this effort besides pretty pictures. What connection to, and understanding of, the natural world can we harvest, and how? Field guides become as important as garden books, as we strive to understand things like what birds and other beneficials we can realistically attract and benefit in our gardens. We’ll explore how to find room even in established “collector” landscapes for more pollinator-sustaining natives, without starting over, and practice the most ecologically minded methods, without sacrificing beauty.

Margaret Roach, after 15 years at Martha Stewart Living and a decade each at Newsday and The New York Times, now writes the nationally acclaimed blog, A Way to Garden (dot com) and the companion podcast of the same name.

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TRADE SHOW (in BBG’s Palm House)

A horticultural trade show in the beautiful glass Palm House accommodates 40 vendors (wholesale and retail nurseries, growers, pottery merchants, and suppliers of horticultural hard goods).
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JOBS FAIR (in BBG’s Steinhardt Conservatory)

A marketplace of 35-40 horticultural businesses, civic organizations and nonprofits offering job opportunities for the 2020 garden season.
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BREAKOUT SESSIONS (in BBG’s Steinberg Visitor Center)
These sessions are planned and in formation:

  • Starting a Plant-Based Business for Next-Gens
  • Inside Out: The New Houseplant Movement
  • New Must-Have Garden Books from Regional Authors
  • Noteworthy Plants & Products from Trade Show Vendors
  • Tree Walks in BBG’s Plant Collections

Bob Hyland, Plant-O-Rama manager
518.929.0699 voice/text