ANNA A. PALTSEVA Ph.D., - The Hidden Mystery Behind Soil Contamination and Simple Ways to Defeat It

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Anna A. Paltseva, Ph.D.
The Hidden Mystery Behind Soil Contamination and Simple Ways to Defeat It

Presentation title: The Hidden Mystery Behind Soil Contamination and Simple Ways to Defeat It
Gardening brings many benefits to urban residents, such as nutritious food, grocery bill reduction, physical and mental health benefits, a deeper connection to agriculture and urban nature, aesthetics, and promotion of biodiversity. Trace metal contamination is common in urban soils and is a major constraint on urban agriculture. Communities are often unaware of soil contamination risks and remediation strategies. In this presentation, Dr. Paltseva will discuss her research findings on New York City soils commonly containing heavy metals, such as lead, and how they may affect human health through different exposure pathways. The extent of contamination will be shown in case studies with city-wide and community garden maps. Dr. Paltseva will share preliminary data on a collaborative project conducted with Dr. Joan Basile in Chappaqua, NY. Dr. Basile implements her knowledge of soil science and therapeutical horticulture practices in her community garden. Integrating the practices enhances the garden ecosystem through improved soil quality, increases biodiversity, and better human mental health. At the conclusion of this presentation, you will know what urban soils are, what heavy metals can pose risks to your health, where to test heavy metal contents, and how to remediate soils with local resources. Clear and useful recommendations will be given so that the potential for soil contamination can be identified and remediated.

Dr. Anna Paltseva is an international urban soil scientist working as an Assistant Professor in Environmental Sciences at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL), School of Geosciences. Her expertise is urban soil contamination and remediation of urban gardens. Anna’s mission is to educate communities about the critical importance of soil health for growing nutritious food, supporting healthy ecosystems, and helping to reduce harmful greenhouse gases. She helps people understand the impact of being exposed to soil heavy metals on their health and find the best ways to improve soil quality in urban gardens. Anna presented her research at national and international soil conferences in Italy, Brazil, Mexico, China, and Russia; she has authored and co-authored twenty-five manuscripts and book chapters, with more on the way. In addition to her appointment at ULL as an endowed assistant professor, she has taught at New York University, CUNY Brooklyn College, the renowned New York Botanical Garden, and Brooklyn Botanic Garden. She has developed educational materials, led soil workshops, and coordinated collaborations with international researchers for the NYC Urban Soils Institute. Recently, Anna launched The Delta Urban Soils Laboratory at ULL to provide soil testing services and informal education to communities, small production farmers, and gardeners in Louisiana and beyond

Monday, October 17, 2022
The Central Park Arsenal
Fifth Avenue and 64th Street
Third floor: The Arsenal Gallery

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Dr. Anna A. Paltseva