Backyard Composting 101

Tri-State Events

Sponsored By: Greenwich Botanical Center

Backyard Composting 101

Monday September, 18th | 6 PM
GBC Horticulture Building
Instructors: Britta Calkosz and Tiana Santasiere

Suggested Donation: $10 for GBC Members | $20 for Non Members

Come learn about turning your kitchen and yard waste into black gold! Discover how easy it is to set up and maintain a compost bin in your own backyard. Transform your yard trimmings and kitchen scraps into compost to return nutrients back to your garden beds and lawn. Composting also decreases your waste stream and keeps food waste out of landfills which takes years to break down and produces harmful gasses. Britta Calkosz of Waste Free Greenwich and Tiana Santasiere of Greenwich Botanical Center will walk you through the whole process and share tips and tricks for making great compost.

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