Class: Introduction to Biophilic Design

Tri-State Events

Time and Date: Wednesday May 22nd

Location: Greenery Unlimited: 91 West St, Brooklyn NY 11222

Class Summary:Biophilic design is all the rage, but what does it mean and how to you achieve it? This one hour discussion focuses on the definition and principals of biophilia and biophilic design. We’ll review recent examples of successful and inspiring botanic and biophilic installations around the world and talk about recent trends to more fully incorporate nature into the built environment.

Learning Objectives:
Instructor Bio

  • Understand the definition, history and importance of Biophilic design
  • Dissect the elements of Biophilic design
  • Review projects that have incorporated Biophilic elements
  • Discuss and break down the impacts of Biophilic design

Rebecca Bullene is the founder of Greenery NYC, one of the nation’s leading botanic design companies. Prior to founding Greenery NYC in 2010, Rebecca worked at Brooklyn Botanic Garden with a focus on urban horticulture and connecting New Yorkers to their innate love of nature.