Class: Plant Parenting: Season Herbs and Veggies

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Class: Plant Parenting: Season Herbs and Veggies

Cost: $25

Class Summary
In this class we will review the fundamental steps to starting your very own herb and veggie garden. Whether you have a terrace, stoop, rooftop, or backyard, we’ve got you covered! Our key points of discussion will be seed starting, planting, pest control, maintenance, and harvesting! Make the most of any outdoor space and enjoy the benefits of fresh herbs and veggies for the season.

Participants will be able to select an herb or vegetable plant to bring home, and enjoy 20% off storewide.

Speaker Bio
Kristin Monji has been a professional horticulturist for eight years, working with a wide variety of plants both indoors & out in NYC and LA. She is a certified arborist who manages the plant care activities for all of Greenery’s client sites, and is an avid collector of succulents and tillandsia.