John Mark Courtney - From a Frog’s Eye-view

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No matter how large or small a body of water may be, plants play an essential role in maintaining healthy water quality and a balanced aquatic habitat. When choosing the “right” plant pallet for a water garden there is a few factors to consider. We will dive deep into environmental limits such as sun exposure, water depth, and bottom substrate that dictate where aquatic plants thrive. From the soft boggy shore to the open water, we will explore plant groupings that perform and “play well” together to increase biological diversity, create visual impact and provide critical habitat.

John Mark Courtney is an avid bogman, photographer and lover of all things wild and natural. John Mark is the nursery manager at Aquascapes Unlimited, growers of native aquatic perennials and carnivorous plants for habitat restoration. He has been consulting, lecturing and writing on such topics as naturalistic water garden design, shoreline habitats, and native plants for over a decade. He was a featured guest on Martha Stewart’s TV show and a regular guest on Into the Garden on WDVR. John Mark has a B.S in Environmental Design from Delaware Valley College ’98