Lloyd Traven - What IS That Plant and Why Didn’t I Know I NEEDED It?

MHG Meetings

Sponsored By: Metro Hort Group

Lloyd Traven knows that sudden electric jolt of energy when you see that unknown plant you simply MUST have! But where do you find it? The search is eternal, sometimes it is pure luck, sometimes it is all skill. But not only do you need to see the potential, you must be able to sell the potential. Lloyd will describe some new and old plants and a few gems you thought were beneath your ‘refined taste and superior horticultural knowledge’. See tropicals, annuals, succulents, edibles, herbs, and some different forms of familiar plants in their glory and best presentations.

Friends and fellow horticulturalists have called Lloyd a ‘mad scientist’ and ‘plant geek’ due to his passion for growing quality plants matched only by his commitment to using advanced technology combined with sustainable and organic growing techniques. Since he purchased Peace Tree Farm in Bucks County PA in 1983 it has grown to become an internationally respected nursery. Lloyd is a technology guru and advocate for small growers, being among the first to successfully invest in sophisticated environmental control systems for their operation. He conducts seminars and makes presentations at growing industry conferences and conventions.

Website: http://www.peacetreefarm.com/