Marc Hachadourian - Annual Meeting, Lecture and Holiday Pot Luck

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Sponsored By: Metro Hort Group

Join Marc Hachadourian, Curator of Orchids for the New York Botanical Garden, for a complete look at the biology and modern history of the orchid family. The orchid has been a popular horticultural subject for thousands of years capturing the imaginations and desires of gardeners around the world. Today a global multimillion dollar industry has developed to satisfy this ever growing demand with continual advances in breeding, new cultural techniques, and creative display of orchids. Despite their recent surge in popularity they are still surrounded by undeserved reputations and often conflicting accounts of their culture. Learn about trends, new and novel breeding, and modern cultivation techniques along with the curious and often humorous history of how this group of plants became darlings of horticulture they are today.

Marc Hachadourian is Director of the Nolen Greenhouses for Living Collections at the Garden and holds a BS in Plant Science from Cornell University. With nearly 20 years of commercial and specialized horticultural experience, he supervises the care of the botanical collections, including an extensive orchid collection and exhibition plants in the Nolen Greenhouses.