New York Mycological Society Emil Lang Lecture Series 2020

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Sponsored By: New York Mycological Society

Robert Blanchette
“Historic Uses of Forest Fungi: Shaman, Emperors and Supernatural Mushrooms” Robert Blanchette is a professor at the University of Minnesota in the Department of Plant Pathology. Over the past 3+ decades he has taught classes and carried out research in mycology, forest pathology and wood microbiology.

His research includes studies to better understand the biology and ecology of fungi that grow on wood and recent studies include the Ganoderma lucidum complex in North and South America, mechanisms fungi use to decay wood, subterranean fungi in mines and caves, fungal diversity in the Arctic and Antarctic, ethnomycology and others. He has worked closely with curators and conservators to identify fungi in museum collections and has assembled information on the extraordinary historic uses of forest fungi. The presentation will provide information on how Indigenous Peoples from different regions of the world utilize fungi including several fungi used by shaman that were thought to have supernatural powers. His research in Asia has revealed information on how Ganoderma and other fungi were used including their imperial use by Chinese Emperors. Many of the fungi that will be discussed are polypores or bracket fungi that grow on trees. Since they grow in many areas of the northern United States, including New York and New Jersey, photos of these fungi will be shown and their characteristics discussed so you can become more familiar with identifying them.

The lectures will be held on Monday nights, from 6:00-8:00, at the Central Park Arsenal. The entrance is just off 5th Ave. at 64th St.

The Arsenal, Central Park
830 5th Ave., Rm 318 (@ 64th St.)
New York, NY 10065

These lectures are free and open to the public - so bring your family and friends - spread the word!