ROBERT KOURIK - The Real Roots Story

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Thursday, March 18th

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Robert Kourik
The Real Roots Story

This presentation illustrates how roots really grow, revealing amazing facts, such as that some vegetable roots grow deeper than some tree roots, that roots will grow away from infertile or tainted soil even if it means turning around and growing back upward, that a plant’s root mass often grows up to three times wider than its foliage canopy. Kourik then proceeds to root out many commonly-held false notions about these essential subterranean penetrators, to reveal numerous common growing practices which are gravely in error in their use of water, fertilizer, mulch and planting techniques and to demonstrate the kindest and most productive way to treat these much-abused underground friends. This lecture gives information about raising better trees and shrubs and growing abundant fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

During the 1976 California drought, Robert started one of the first organic garden-maintenance businesses in the country. Taking to heart lessons administered with great enthusiasm by the School of Hard Knocks, he progressed into landscape design.

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Robert Kourik