Teaming with Fungi Meetup Presents A Medicinal Mushroom Workshop with John Michelotti

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Teaming with Fungi Meetup is hosting a Medicinal Mushroom and Tincture Making workshop on Friday June 14th with John Michelotti from Catskill Fungi.
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About the Workshop
In this 3 hour workshop, you will learn how to pair with fungi to improve your health as we focus on the medicinal properties of mushrooms. You will also learn how to make your own extracts from these and take home what you create.

Every participant will go home with a 2oz dropper bottle of chaga tincture.

About John Michelotti

John Michelotti is the founder of Catskill Fungi which empowers people with fungi through outdoor educational classes, cultivation courses, mushroom art, and mushroom health extracts. John is a past President of the Mid-Hudson Mycological Association (MHMA) where he co-founded the Catskill Regional Mycoflora Project as well as the Gary Lincoff Memorial Scholarship. He served on the Mushroom Advisory Panel for Certified Naturally Grown to develop ecological standards in mushroom production. He has studied mycoremediation, taxonomy, and cultivation in Ecuador, Chile, and across the U.S. His goal is to educate and inspire people to pair with fungi to improve health, communities, and the environment. Check the Catskill Fungi website here.