The Sustainable Flowers Project

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Sponsored By: New Age Floral

The Sustainable Flowers Project
In Person/Hands On Workshop at Jardin de Buis, Califon NJ 07830
Dates: September 18th, 19, 20th 
Time: 9am to 4:30pm

Sponsored by: New Age Floral
Around the globe, florists are increasingly faced with an undeniable truth; Floristry is an industry harming, not helping our environmental crisis.

The Sustainable Flowers Project is a three day hands-on creative intensive workshop taught by leaders in the global sustainable floristry movement, florists; Shane Connolly, London; Inrid Carozzi, Brooklyn; TJ McGrath, NJ; Becky Feasby, Canada; Amber Tamm, Brooklyn. The workshop kicks off Sunday, with a lecture on Soil Health and Regenerative Practices by Eric T Fliescher and Andrea Filippone of F2 Environmental Design.  Whether a novice gardener, experienced horticulturist, florist or simply flower obsessed, all are welcome to explore, from soil to vase, sustainable methods of floristry.

Link to workshop HERE