Wave Hill’s 2022 Horticultural Lectures (Virtual)

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James Golden: The View from Federal Twist—A New Way of Thinking of Gardens, Nature and Ourselves
Wed, February 16, 2022, 6PM VIRTUAL

$20; Wave Hill Members save 10%

‘It woke me up,’ says Thomas Rainer, writing about Federal Twist in the foreword to James Golden’s new book The View from Federal Twist: A New Way of Thinking About Gardens, Nature and Ourselves. Making his garden woke Golden up, too. The site was terrible—a waste of derelict woodland, shade and heavy, wet clay. As Golden thought his way through the constraints of the place, the emerging garden triggered new awakenings, and led him to a new way of thinking about gardens, nature and himself. Golden will tell us about this new way of thinking, and how it changed his life. Registration required, online or by calling 718.549.3200 x251. Registrants will receive a link to the Zoom event with an email confirming registration. Questions? Please email us at information@wavehill.org or by calling the number and extension provided above. Purchase tickets here.