Associate Interior Accounts Manager

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The Associate Interior Accounts Manager serves as the point person for client sites and acts as a liaison between the Interior Horticulturists and management. In addition, s/he is responsible for training new staff and assessing and directing the performance and activities of the interior horticulturists.


  • Responsible for client interface and communications, and in tandem with site leads, the long term health and integrity of plant installations.
  • Ultimate responsibility for designated sites ensuring entire installation is healthy and looking excellent.
  • Assists with the training of new Account Managers, Site Leads, and Interior Horticulturists; develops and prepares training materials and best methods to ensure new hires acquire needed skills. Teaches the “Greenery way” of plant care.
  • Able to visit potential client sites to create plant care plans, watering schedules and make on site assessments as needed.
  • Provides direction to interior horticulturists and site leads both on site and remotely via email, phone calls and texts.
  • Review site maintenance notes and needs, respond to questions, ensures notes are completed and follow up (i.e. adding plants to buying list) is completed.


  • Seasoned and experienced horticulturist with a broad understanding of interior plant care, pest control and best practices to both prevent and contain infestations.
  • Deep understanding of interior spaces, plants commonly used, and able to provide input on design and plants for new client sites and make decisions on best plants for replacements.
  • Ability to learn and troubleshoot Greenery’s automated irrigation systems. Make adjustments, understand basic troubleshooting techniques and is able to guide interior horticulturists through these troubleshooting steps over the phone.
  • Exhibits a can-do attitude with relentless positivity. Team player who wants to support the growth of both Greenery NYC and Greenery NYC horticulture staff.

Additional Information

We believe that bringing the natural world in to your home, office, or outdoor space will increase your quality of life. Greenery NYC was founded in 2010 as a botanic design company. We create living installations that foster a connection to nature, bringing more plant life and awareness to New York City and beyond.

Our focus is on the emerging field of biophilic design and collaborating with our clients to create environments that successfully incorporate nature into human spaces to make happier, healthier and more productive places to live and work.

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