Associate Landscape Architect

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Start Date: TBD  Compensation: $50,000 - $75,000

The Associate Architect leads the development of projects from Schematic Design to punch list. The Associate Architect manages the client relationship and project development process through phone calls, emails, note-taking, meeting minutes, and other correspondence necessary for the stable development of all projects. The Associate Architect works to support the Construction Project Manager/ Senior Architect with developing construction details, proformas, project-specific documents, municipal filings, and other tasks. The Associate Architect diligently tracks and communicates (both graphically and through written correspondence) changes, adjustments, and comprehensive project scope for inter-team, sub-contractor, client, and other coordination. The Associate Architect, on occasion, will manage subcontracted work-scopes of various scales as required. The Associate Architect works to resolve project conflicts (as it applies to communication, budget, client, and sub-contractor). 


  • The Associate Architect reports to the Creative Director and Chief Operations Officer. 
  • The Associate Architect works alongside the Creative Director for creative development.  
  • The Associate Architect works closely with the Creative Director and Director of Horticulture to select appropriate plant/trees for project development.  
  • The Associate Architect builds and maintains schedules and budgets for subcontracted work as coordinated with Brook Landscape’s in-house construction activities, working alongside the Chief Operations Officer and the Executive Director of Operations.
  • The Associate Architect is responsible for selection, review and evaluation of specialized material take offs for project specific ordering and project estimates.
  • The Associate Architect is responsible for selection, application, and other practical requirements of horticulture for project development. 
  • The Associate Architect maintains the client relationship throughout all phases of design and administrates project kick-off through close-out for all Brook Landscape designed work (whether in-house or subcontracted). 
  • Attending client meetings (project introduction, surveying and other necessary project-centric related tasks and be the liaison for client correspondence during the duration of the project. 
  • The Associate Architect has experience in building construction methodologies, construction administration, and a thorough understanding of areas pertinent to exterior landscape installations and exterior construction assemblies to enrich and manage the design and construction process.
  • Where applicable, the Associate Architect is responsible for subcontractor finance, updating tracking spreadsheets, and the daily, weekly, and monthly upkeep of subcontractor(s) tracking.
  • The Associate Architect assists the Chief Operations Officer, Executive Director of Production and Senior Architect/ Construction Project Manager with estimating, material take-offs, and other administrative tasks associated with construction, both in-house and subcontracted work.
  • The Associate Architect works closely with the Senior Architect/ Construction Project Manager and Chief Operations Officer in reviewing the quality, accuracy, thoroughness, and graphic clarity of Brook Landscape’s internal design documents, internal and external shop drawing development, general redlining as it relates to project development by the design team, and general design coordination of elevation, plan, and section. This relates to successful project delivery for all projects within the office. 
  • The Associate Architect works alongside and in support of the Senior Architect/ Construction Project Manager when municipal filings are required, managing professional consultants, and coordinating between MEP (Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing), Structural, and others building and design professionals. 
  • The Associate Architect works alongside in support of the Senior Architect/ Construction Project Manager when building submittals are required.
  • The Associate Architect tracks and reports design hours per respective projects. 
  • Assist in management of miscellaneous duties/ responsibilities as assigned. 


  • Degree from an accredited Bachelors or Masters program in Architecture
  • Three to five years of experience working as an Architect
  • Proficent in AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office
  • Ambition to consistently develop portfolio projects within the constraints of time and budget
  • Team player in company culture with potential leadership qualities

Additional Information

  • Description of job related experience in response email
  • Portfolio
  • Resume in PDF format (8½ x 11)
  • 3 References, 1 personal, 2 professional

Contact Information

Brook Landscape, Inc.
Contact Name: allen
Website: Apply Online