Brooklyn Brownstone Garden Design/Planting

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Start Date: Now for planning, Apr for planting.  Compensation: $20/hour+

I need someone knowledgeable to tell me what plants go where due to shade and sun. I’ll do the work or work with the person if I can afford the service. Your service could be; design which plants go where in my backyard; telling me the best plants for su/sh; I assist in planting the shrubs and plants or you do it all. I'm in the Fort Greene neighborhood.


Planting native shrubs, plants and grasses. I don't want a ‘cultured’ garden but more indigenous to the area and natural looking yard with low maintenance. This is a paid position but I'll accept any volunteers who'd like to work with the gardener.


Plant enthusiast, knows the Bklyn soil and how to boost it, which plants thrive in this climate. There's no grass involved, and I'm not looking for a corporation to higher but an individual. References are required with pictures of previous garden designs and in bloom.

Additional Information

Ideal for someone who lives in the Fort Greene area but anyone who has access to the subway system makes it convenient for them to get here.

Contact Information

Contact Name: Doug B