Chanticleer Horticulture Internship

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Start Date: 3/14/2022

The Chanticleer Internship is a paid 6–9-month opportunity for select individuals to intensively deepen their understanding of the art of horticulture. Chanticleer is a plant- driven, highly aesthetic 50-acre public garden with the unofficial motto, “beauty without bureaucracy”. Chanticleer is a small, lean organization that institutes high standards across the organization. The application deadline is January 15, 2022.


By working alongside the Horticulture staff, the intern will advance their skills as well as contribute to the garden overall. Interns are treated as part of the garden staff.


The right candidate will have a passion for learning about the garden, horticulture, plants, and leadership.

Additional Information

If interested, submit a letter of interest, resume, and at minimum one letter of recommendation. Applications will be accepted until January 15th.
E-mail your application materials to, or mail to Chanticleer Internship Program, 786 Church Road, Wayne Pennsylvania, 19087.

Contact Information

Contact Name: Erin Dougherty
Website: Apply Online