Crew Leader

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Start Date: March 2020

  • Crew leaders lead the daily and immediate tasks and people directly associated with the daily development of on/off-site work.
  • Contribute to and constantly engaging in solution-based problem solving
  • Establish solutions in order to lead the team through any number of challenges encountered on a daily basis
  • Crew Lead to study the dynamics behind a successful installation, implemented with a tone of urgency
  • Maintain excellent Crew morale


Shop Responsibilities:
1. Maintain shop cleanliness, delegate shop responsibilities to crew members 2. Keep the Director informed of everyday material and operational tool needs for ordering to include, protection, irrigation supplies, etc. 3. Ensure employees understand safety guidelines when using tools. 4. Ensure vehicle maintenance and cleanliness is adequate 5. Quality control of items produced in the shop (as well as their transport to sites)

Site Responsibilities:
1. Maintain site cleanliness (floor protection, dust control, etc.) 2. Have an understanding of drawings prior to job kickoff in order to administer and lead daily project installation goals 3. Quality control 4. Ensure safety practices are up to our standards.

Management Responsibilities:
1. Inform Director of any issues with other crew members (i.e. tardiness,attitude, poor craftsmanship, etc. 2. Ensure the proper use of Jobber. Ensure receipts make it to the Director to be filed. 3. Keep Director up to speed daily regarding process and scheduling (photos and correspondence at the end of each day).


  • Excellent leadership
  • Positive attitude
  • Understanding of outdoor carpentry techiques, methods of installation and construction as they relate to building wood fences, decks, pergolas, planter boxes, outdoor furniture and patios.
  • Masonry or other trades experience a plus.
  • Ability to read and understand blueprints/architectural drawings
  • NYS Drivers License with clear record

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