Driver/Assistant Gardener, Florist, Maintenance person

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Start Date: Immediate  Compensation: P/T Leading to F/T, Permanent$25. per hour starting pay

Driving mini van, mostly in NYC
Training for Installing and maintaining various landscape, both indoor and outdoor gardens and arrangements driving to pick up materials deliveries and to convey owner to appointments permanent position, working year round

Design Horticulture Corporation
Contact Name: John Chandler, HR


  • Work alongside foreman and owner to get experience of our protocols
  • Then be responsible for duties to be overseen by you.
  • Punctual and ready to work in all weather, always on tim
  • Be able to work alone
  • Keep written and organized records
  • Safe driving in NYC


  1. Begin work early morning, M-F
  2. Assist and train with owner/employees to eventually work independently
  3. Experience with floral arrangements
  4. 4. Experiece with design and organization, can be design in another field


  1. Speak and write fluent english
  2. Very organized
  3. Fully covid vaccinated with booster and proof
  4. Valid drivers license and experience driving in nyc
  5. Non smoker
  6. Able to lift 50 pounds
  7. Experience planting gardens and maintaining and installing indoor and outdoor gardens
  8. Delivery experience of large and small delicate flower arrangements in glass
  9. Checkable references
  10. Must be US citizen/proof of working papers

Additional Information

  • Please Send Resume In Pdf Format That Can Easily Be Opened As An Attachment To Email.
  • Include Dates Of Education And Phone Numbers Of Past/Present Work And Manager/Owner Names
(Only email attachments, pdf, will be read, See above)

Contact Information

Design Horticulture Corporation
Contact Name: John and Abigail Chandler