Dune Restoration - Lead Gardener - Maintenance Crew

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Compensation: $24/hr

RISE is looking to hire a part-time seasonal crew member to lead and oversee implementation of Greater Rockaway Community and Shoreline Enhancement Plan, a long-term community-centered dune restoration project along the Rockaway peninsula. Position requires 20-25 hours per week doing maintenance of the dune preserve and oversight of the maintenance crew.


This position will be involved in many aspects of the restoration project, including:

  • watering new native plantings until establishment;
  • removal of invasive species;
  • removal of trash and litter from restoration areas;
  • monitoring new native plantings; and
  • working with youth and volunteer groups to carry out restoration tasks, as needed.


  • lives in or has a connection to the Rockaway peninsula;
  • has 2-3 years of professional experience managing a garden or farm space;
  •  is enthusiastic about working outdoors in a variety of weather conditions, including heat, rain, or
  •  can work independently and has experience managing others in a team; and
  • is able to perform heavy physical labor on a regular basis and can lift and carry 50 pounds.

Contact Information

RISE- Rockaway Initiative for Sustainability and Equity
Contact Name: Juvie Anne Alfeche
Email: jalfeche@riserockaway.org