Estate Head Gardener

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Job Title: Estate Head Gardener

Job Function: Manage, develop, and refine a unique and complex horticultural undertaking, requiring competence in, and enthusiasm and curiosity for, every facet of horticulture, including, but not limited to: arboriculture, hedge and fruit-tree pruning, turf & soil management, bio-organic sustainable farming practices, IPM, vegetable gardening, ornamental gardens, aquatic gardens, greenhouse & tropical plants, propagation, seasonal management and preparation, irrigation systems, equipment usage & maintenance, team management and scheduling, and plant and garden labeling and cataloguing.


Estate Head Gardener Position at Côte Des Fleurs

Seeking a passionate, creative and knowledgeable Head Gardner to actively participate in the care and refinement of our very diverse 35 year old property.

The 400 acre estate nestled in a quiet valley on the side of a small, largely uninhabited mountain in Southern Québec, situated between the Ottawa and Saint-Lawrence rivers about 45 minutes West of Montréal.

The property is certified and managed in accordance with the principles of bio-organic sustainability.

This is a long-term opportunity encompassing 24/7 responsibility for all aspects of an extraordinary array of annual and perennial gardens, a walled garden potagerie, winter greenhouse, coniferous and deciduous forests, a growing collection of hardy specimen trees, fruit orchards, wild-flower meadow’s, formal oak and maple alleés surrounded by extensive lawns, hedgerows, drystone walls, and water features.

Appropriately qualified candidates must be exceptionally motivated by the opportunity to actively influence the evolution and continuous enhancement of a creative green space, the primary purpose of which is the pursuit of an island of beauty and tranquility.

Essential personality traits are a hands-on love of the outdoors, fitness, and demanding physical work, unequivocal reliability, infectious enthusiasm, and an inquisitive mind with the drive to learn and hone one’s knowledge and creative expertise. The ability to inspire others by example is a crucial requirement.

Salary and benefits will be fair and commensurate. The work environment will be pleasant and respectful.

To further explore this very special challenge, please direct your related emails to Chris at

All enquiry’s will be treated confidentially and promptly acknowledged.

Contact Information

Côte Des Fleurs
Contact Name: Chris Overing
Phone: 514.516.6116