Executive Director

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Start Date: immediate opening  Compensation: 160,000

PRFCT Earth seeks a visionary Executive Director to chart the future of this remarkable organization.

Since 2012, PRFCT Earth Project has been a thought-leader and conversation-starter, raising awareness about the harmful effects of toxic landscape chemicals, the urgent need to replace them with nature-based practices, and the care, protection, and equity that our Earth deserves.

After nearly 10 years of operating as a small but influential and well-funded startup, PRFCT Earth is moving into an aggressive, robust phase of strategic growth, staffing, and programmatic planning. The organization is committed to building up and sustaining a strong, dynamic team that will steward PRFT Earth’s growth, mobilizing and effectively capitalizing on its considerable reputation and engaged, influential base of strategic partners and supporters.

The Executive Director role is a full-time, permanent, salaried position for immediate hire, and reports to a supportive and professional Board of Directors (specifically reporting to the Board’s President). This is a transformative leadership opportunity, responsible for overseeing all elements of the organization’s administration, collaborations with current and future partners, and strategic planning. This position requires a mission-driven, strategic leader who is passionate about leading hands-on operations, brainstorming and nurturing lasting partnerships, and charting a course for sustainable growth.

PRFCT Earth is about to embark on a first-of-its-kind national Education Program (PRFCT EP) that will continually inform landcare professionals in the science, impact, tools and techniques of nature-based landcare. PRFCT Earth will also educate the general public in the role they can play in a widespread, transformative movement toward alternatives to toxic landcare that are beautiful as well as healthy. The PRFCT Earth EP will be directly managed by the Managing Director, Education, who will report to the Executive Director.

The organization’s overall fiscal health, strategic partnership development, staff growth and management, outreach and communication, fundraising, and all other directional efforts will be overseen and managed by the Executive Director.


Mission and Vision

  • Oversee the strategic growth and direction of PRFCT Earth.
  • Establish goals, objectives, and operational plans that implement PRFCT Earth’s vision.
  • Integrate PRFCT’s mission and core values into every facet of PRFCT Earth’s programming, outreach, operations, and staff development.

Leadership and Management

  • Ensure programmatic excellence, rigorous program evaluation, and consistent quality of finance and administration, fundraising, communications, and systems; recommend timelines and resources needed to achieve the strategic goals.
  • Actively engage and energize all stakeholders: board members, committees, strategic partners, partnering organizations, and funders.
  • Develop, maintain, and support a strong Board of Directors; serve as ex-officio of each committee; seek and build board involvement with strategic direction for all programs and expansion.
  • Execute on policies and all governance in collaboration with the Board.
  • Hire, lead, coach, develop, and retain staff.

Thought Leadership, Field Advocacy, and Fundraising

  • Maintain and grow PRFCT’s current position as a thought-leader and go-to source for reliable information about sustainable land care.
  • Cultivate, manage, and enhance strategic, collaborative relationships with targeted, high-level external audiences, including media, local and national partners, celebrities, and other influencers to help advance the EP’s mission and impact.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with corporate, foundation, and individual major gift prospects to fund PRFCT Earth.
  • Be entrepreneurial in pursuit of earned income and strategic partnership opportunities, including leveraging nontraditional ideas.
  • Develop, implement, and monitor meaningful metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of PRFCT Earth’s work, and effectively communicate performance to the board, funders, and other constituents.
  • Oversee and direct all outreach and communication efforts, including PR, marketing, outward-facing events, social media, etc.

Board Relations and Engagement

  • Regularly communicate with Board about PRFCT Earth’s strategic plan, implementation of goals, operating health, and growth.
  • Present thoughtful, informative reports to the Board.
  • Coordinate and participate in all Board, executive, and advisory committees.
  • Work with and inspire the Board in fundraising efforts.
  • Identify, recruit, and develop new Board members based on current and future needs (legal, communications, branding, education, advocacy, community representation, etc).

Staff Management

  • Assess staffing needs for PRFCT Earth and hire judiciously.
  • Build, lead, and continually develop a committed, connected staff.
  • Ensure safe, healthy, positive and equitable workplace environment for all staff and freelancers.
  • Provide regular opportunities for staff feedback and growth.

Infrastructure, Budget, and Administration

  • Continually assess and improve the operating health and overall sustainability of PRFCT Earth.
  • Put in place all structures and systems needed to assure PRFCT Earth’s continued sustainability and operational smoothness, including but not limited to financial, technological, communications, social media, HR-related, payroll and benefits, etc.
  • Regularly monitor and review PRFCT Earth’s operating budget with Board President and Treasurer, making prudent spending decisions and establishing sustainable pipelines for growth.
  • Actively engage in complex fiscal management through hands-on budgetary development and oversight.


  • The ideal candidate must have a dedication to PRFCT’s mission and a deep understanding of the environmental nonprofit landscape.
  • Decent working knowledge of conventional and nature-based land care issues and practices.
  • At least 5-7 years’ experience in a leadership position, including project development and staff management.
  • A proven track record in successfully ideating and initiating a new program or product. (ie startup experience)
  • Entrepreneurial and strategic, with the ability to transform concepts into practice and capitalize on opportunities.
  • Out-of-the-box thinker with a nontraditional approach to brainstorming. Implementation, and problem-solving.
  • Ability to raise funds enthusiastically through all funding segments (individual, corporate, foundation) and spend wisely.
  • Politically savvy and comfortable with broad-based constituencies, including donors, business and community leaders, and others of influence.
  • Detail-oriented and responsible, fiscally and otherwise.
  • Rather impressive writing, speaking, and presentation skills.
  • Ideally located within reasonable traveling distance of NYC. The work of PRFCT Earth is primarily virtual, with no office space. Periodic in-person meetings with Founder, Board, funders, and other stakeholders will be required as needed.

Additional Information

​The ideal candidate will be:

  • A persuasive, passionate advocate for the Earth and all its inhabitants.
  • Comfortable building and nurturing a dynamic, like-minded, committed team.
  • An inspiring and dedicated leader, able to connect with a broad spectrum of people in meaningful ways and drive toward a common purpose.
  • An ethical individual who garners trust and personifies integrity, fostering transparency and accountability, and motivates others to be the same.
  • A bold risk-taker.
  • A believer in joy, wellbeing, and equity in the workplace.
  • An accessible and gracious figure with a good sense of humor.
  • Savvy and able to engage constituents to build unified commitment (through a mixture of charm, humility, diplomacy, and passion).
  • Cautiously optimistic about the future of the human race.

Contact Information

Perfect Earth Project
Contact Name: Edwina von Gal
Email: jobs@perfectearthproject.org