Experienced Gardener

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This is a part-time “on the books” position. You will be teamed up with another gardener. Together you will care for sizable in-ground gardens in Manhattan.

Position is from March through December. Number of weekly hours fluctuates with seasons between 16-30 hrs per week (Average 20-22). Hourly rate contingent upon proven experience, knowledge, dedication and reliability. Some flexibility in schedule is offered, allowing you to hold another part-time job or activities.

Responsibilities and Duties

This is a hands-on gardening job. You will be taking care of established gardens from early spring through early winter. This includes shearing hedges, weeding and pruning, detecting signs of disease and insect damage and applying treatment. The job includes massive seasonal planting of spring, summer and fall annuals including tulip planting. In spring time, tasks may also include transplanting existing shrubs and planting new ones. All these tasks are physically demanding and require motivation, stamina and ability to work under timely pressure.

Qualifications and Skills

Several years experience as a gardener in a professional setting is best qualification. Any education or certificates pertinent to gardening is a big plus. Must be familiar with perennials, woody plants and gardening practices.

Personal prerequisites: Has to be proactive, eager to learn, able to listen well and follow instructions and willingly accept constructive criticism. Must be conscientious, proactive, thorough yet efficient in completing every task. Must be an excellent communicator and report back to owner on a daily basis.

Physically; must be in good health, strong, energetic and able to handle 50-100lbs bags or shrubs.

Contact via email: poeticlandscapes@verizon.net

Resume and/or cover letter - a must.

Contact Information

Poetic Landscapes Inc.
Email: poeticlandscapes@verizon.net