Experienced Gardener

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New York and Long Island based company is looking to hire a trained horticulturist whom possesses a B.A. or B.S. in botany, plant science and/or landscape design or a certificate from a school of professional horticulture. A detailed understanding of plant care is necessary. This includes plant identification, planting and pruning techniques, pest/fungal identification/management fertilization and overall plant care. Experience is a MUST, The job is physical and requires the ability to move heavy objects and a willingness to work in weather that is sometimes less than desirable. The right candidate will be organized, well spoken and knowledgeable. Please send your resume and a description of your experience as well as an explanation about what you are looking for in a job. Pay will be based on experience. Health Insurance offered after 90 days.

Please email the position in the title to: ondesigngrp@gmail.com

Contact Information

ON Design Group
Email: ondesigngrp@gmail.com