Flower Garden Project Manager

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Compensation: Starting at $65,000

Facilitate the efficiency, accuracy, and overall smooth running of designated jobs, according to GP margins and schedule deadlines with all departmental needs. Meet customer expectations as directed by Flower Gardens Manager. 


  • Check jobs as directed by FG Manager for completion, quality and assess care report findings in a timely manner to FG Manager
  • Understand color, pruning, companion planting, soil, water management and fertilization. Always be improving your knowledge
  • Build estimates for approval by Manager
  • Once the job is approved, manage timely receipt of all plant material working with the buyer
  • Maintain excellent communications with clients on a weekly basis
  • Conference reports are mandatory when a decision is made
  • Plan out material to be used and schedule the job by communicating needs in a weekly scheduling meeting
  • Collaborate with Property Care and Landscape Account Managers maximizing the company‚Äôs ability to increase sales
  • Make note of any client requests to ensure we meet client needs.

Operational Duties: 

  • Assist with designing and estimating jobs
  • Assist with the scheduling/execution of all flower garden customer service requests
  • Responsible to review/create all paperwork and ensure that all required information is provided for proper executing of jobs (for example: time sheets, plants & materials)
  • Ensure proper crew set up and clear job expectations
  • Promote and ensure excellent care and quality of flower gardens and pots on all properties
  • Responsible for appropriate care and safe use of all vehicles, equipment and tools issued to you
  • Continuously monitor accounts throughout the season for quality assurance and training purposes
  • Assist manager with all paperwork needed for preorders and contracts for the next season
  • Help to facilitate department function (example: running plants to a job)

Financial Performance: 

  • Drive sales
  • Responsible for increasing efficiency, productivity, and gross profit on flower garden jobs
  • Assist with developing departmental best practices

Customer Service: 

  • Submit client conference reports when a decision is made necessary to inform the customer and internal team of all communication/resolutions to customer service issues and needs
  • Address all issues with possible solutions in a timely manner with the manager.


  • Demonstrate work ethic and morale for all to emulate
  • Bring any employee concerns to the attentions of FG Manager

Team Participation and/or Management: 

  • Return phone calls and emails in a timely manner
  • Lead a crew when needed
  • Train a crew, when a training opportunity arises
  • Provide disciplined positive team-oriented work environment for crew
  • Working with Account Managers and office admin to optimize scheduling

Policy and Procedure: 

  • Follow all company policy and procedures

Contact Information

Contact Name: Christopher Miceli
Email: cmiceli@marders.com
Phone: 6314616723