FT Horticultural Assistant (Seasonal)

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Foras Studio is a small landscape design firm based in Brooklyn, New York. We are seeking an experienced and energetic gardener to use best horticultural practices to help maintain 20-25 gardens per week, with some occasional installation work.

Each maintenance visit will involve regular and seasonal garden chores. All candidates should have a minimum of two-years experience with: pruning perennials, trees and shrubs, staking, training vines, monitoring soil moisture, pest management, hedge-shearing, divisions, planting, and restorative pruning.

A thorough assessment of plant health is an essential part of our services and will be performed during each visit. We strive to keep ahead of problems by regularly evaluating soil moisture and basic fertility, identifying pest and disease outbreaks, and performing regular formative pruning. Special treatments may involve application of horticultural oil or release of nematodes and other beneficial insects.

The assistant will also be responsible for maintaining a daily record of activities performed in each garden as well as observations and recommendations. Coordinating tools and necessary materials prior to each visit (I.e. bags, shears, treatments, etc.), are also part of the assistant responsibilities.

Candidates will be able to work in moderate to light rain, lift 50lbs repeatedly, carry containerized plants, and perform other rigorous garden chores such as cultivating and amending soil.

A clean driving record and a drivers license is preferred, in which case some nursery visits would be required.

Please email your cover letter, resume, and references to info@foras-studio.com.

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