Full-time Seasonal Gardener

Harlem Horticulture is seeking a full time, seasonal, gardener to essentially be the right hand to a growing garden design, installation, and maintenance company.

Harlem Horticulture was founded in 2017 and has grown considerably over the past two years. We have clients all over the greater New York City area, and while the majority of clients reside in Manhattan - we have a number of clients in Fairfield & Westchester county, as well as Long Island. On days that we travel outside the city we drive so you need not worry about transportation. Our gardens are quite diverse so you will have the opportunity to work with a great variety of plant material, and in many different settings.

We are looking for not just a gardener, but a team member to help with any and all aspects of the day to day operations.

Primary Responsibilities:

Everything and anything related to installing and maintaining new and existing gardens. We do a lot of planting, so be prepared for that. On days we do work in Manhattan, we spend at least 25-33% of the time unloading plants/materials, transporting them to the garden, and cleaning up. Such is the nature of working in a city. And of course standard horticulture responsibilities such as mulching, weeding, pruning, fertilizing, etc..

Outside of that it’s just helping in any capacity that you can to make things easier, more efficient, and fun.


Ideally someone who has some knowledge and experience with horticulture. This means being well versed in planting a variety of plant material: from mature trees, to annuals / perennials; and in a variety of different settings: from containers with potting soil to large estates with varying soil profiles. Big plus if you are familiar and knowledgeable of plant names (Latin) and their growth requirements.

While the above mentioned knowledge would be very helpful, I am wiling to overlook these requirements if you bring an enthusiastic, and genuine, interest in learning and expanding your understanding of horticulture. We are happy to teach and train someone so long as they bring a sincere energy and desire to learn. While the days can be long we try our best to have fun and ultimately just make our clients happy.

Someone who is handy and has experience with carpentry / tools would be very helpful.

*Must have a valid drivers license

*MUST BE PUNCTUAL AND RELIABLE. This is of upmost importance. Our schedule gets very busy very quickly and we must be able to rely on you. Not having help even one day can throw off an entire week of planning and scheduling.


$25.00 / hour. We pay overtime ($37.50 / hour) for any week you work over 40 hours. If you bring significant skills or experience, we are willing to offer a higher pay rate.

Start date:

End of March, but depends heavily on when spring weather arrives. Season begins to wind down in November and we finish by Thanksgiving.

To apply:

Please send a resume and an informal cover letter to jared@harlemhorticulture.com.

For your cover letter, I am mainly interested in learning about your experience and interest in horticulture, as well as a little bit about you and your personality.

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