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The Schumacher Companies create landscape environments aimed at bringing delight to those who design, enter and view them. We are an engaging team of caring and proud landscape professionals with a common goal: providing the absolute best in landscape construction, maintenance, irrigation and masonry work.


Growth and Development:

  1. Work closely with Foreman to learn skillset.
  2. Communicate questions/concerns with the foreman.
  3. Perform task with minimum to no supervision.


  1. Relay equipment needs/operation issues to PM daily or as needed.
  2. Gather any additional tools needed to complete the daily route based on the communication from the AM.
  3. Responsible for sharpening/cleaning tools between jobs.
  4. Complete property walk with the foreman before leaving the site to prioritize next visit and make sure all tools/equipment have been gathered.
  5. Must be able to readily accept and follow direction of the foreman.
  6. Be self-directed, learn what you can, collaborate with purpose, and seek out ways to innovate.
  7. Have a general understanding of sound, horticultural practices including perennial deadheading and contouring, pruning, Rose care, pest management, and how to properly apply fertilizer.
  8. Leave property.
  9. Actively participate in the company’s safety program and guidelines.

Additional Information

Please send resume to Molly and and Emily at Thank you!

Contact Information

Schumacher Companies, Inc.
Contact Name: Emily Admirand
Phone: 508-265-9091