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Compensation: $22.24/hr

The Gardener is an aesthetically driven, hard working individual who can maintain Brooklyn Grange’s standards of sustainable landscaping for indoor and outdoor gardens.  The Gardener will help maintain an array of sites that include green roofs, terraces, ground level gardens, and indoor green walls and tropicals. Preferred applicants have a background in horticulture, experience and appreciation of urban landscaping, and feel comfortable navigating in and around New York City.  Additionally, Gardeners must demonstrate a strong work ethic, naturally moving from one task to the next efficiently and with care, and must be comfortable with the tedious but critical aspects of plant care (like weeding and watering).  Gardeners should be positive, respectful, and demonstrate initiative and an interest in learning.  They should be collaborative and willing to jump in to help others, and comfortable working independently at client sites.  Clear communication with other team members as well as clients is important.  


  • Maintenance of a variety of urban commercial and residential landscapes, including but not limited to green roofs, terraces, indoor tropicals, ground level gardens, tree pits, and edible landscapes.
  • Perform all aspects of plant maintenance, including but not limited to planting, pruning, deadheading, weeding, mulching, irrigating, plant and disease treatment, mowing, holiday decor, and cleaning/sweeping.  
  • Hand-water indoor and outdoor plants.
  • Travel independently to garden sites & plant nurseries across Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens.
  • Uphold Brooklyn Grange’s standards for respect, professionalism, efficiency, and community at all times.
  • Communicate clearly with department management and team.
  • Contribute to the upkeep of Brooklyn Grange’s facilities spaces, including our rooftop farms, tool storage, plant nursery, and vehicles.


  • Experienced in landscaping, gardening, farming, or horticulture.
  • Has experience and general knowledge of garden installations and maintenance.
  • Has a strong sense of Eastern plants of zones 4 through 7b including: plant ID’s, growth habits, bloom times, training requirements, and preferred soil types, is preferred.
  • Is positive, energetic, eager to learn new skills, and has a strong work ethic.
  • Is a morning person, is punctual and time efficient, and is responsible.
  • Can take direction and is a team player, can work collaboratively alongside a team, demonstrates initiative and leads by example.  Communicates clearly.
  • Demonstrates respect for client sites; is attentive to site safety.
  • Is a doer: upon finishing a task, will immediately begin undertaking another; thinks big picture while also being attentive to the details; looks ahead to determine what needs to get done.
  • Is comfortable working on rooftops, near ledges, and at other heights, while wearing appropriate safety gear.
  • Can lift 50 lbs. repeatedly, and can squat, kneel, bend over, and reach for extended periods of time.
  • Has a valid driver’s license, a clean driving record, and is comfortable driving in New York City.

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