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Start Date: 4/18/22

SP LANDSCAPES’ Head Landscaper will be able to utilize their horticulture background to properly install and maintain a variety of exterior garden spaces that are full of ornamental plant material. Being in tune with bloom times, ornamental pruning techniques and proper fertilization are all critical to your success.

This position requires efficient time management and proper and respectful communication with clients onsites. Please make sure to put your thinking cap on at the beginning of the day because this position does require an adequate amount of creativity and problem solving when onsite.


  • Manage multiple gardens from week to week and make sure they’re maintained to the highest standard
  • Being able to demonstrate proper pruning techniques
  • Responsible for sending out maintenance confirmation emails


  • Knowledge of ornamental trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals; growth habit, bloom times, soil requirements and nutrient requirements
  • Knowledge on common plant diseases, pests and relevant treatments
  • Irrigation systems
  • Knowledge of composting techniques and common sustainability techniques
  • Winter Holiday design

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To apply for this position please provide your resume and a cover letter to

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Email - IG - @splandscapes_nyc
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SP Landscapes
Contact Name: Sarah Pekovitch