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The Groundskeeper

in the Landscape Management Department provides all manner of care and maintenance of all landscape areas including all hardscapes, perimeter, playgrounds and architectural features within an assigned section.

Working under the general supervision of the Foreperson, the Groundskeeper is responsible for all aspects of landscape care within an assigned section. It is
expected that the Groundskeeper will work within and across their section and with other staff in Landscape Management to perform their primary tasks.


Summary of Essential Job Functions:

Technical Operation:

  • Provide general landscape care and maintenance within an assigned section
  • Care for and maintain all plant beds and their surrounding landscapes, hardscapes, playgrounds and perimeter in assigned section according to an established schedule to organizational standards
  • Mowing, string trimming, irrigation, basic irrigation system maintenance, weeding, mulching, raking, sweeping, pruning, planting and other related duties
  • Opens and cleans playgrounds and ensures all water features are turned on
  • Installs and repairs fence as needed and as directed
  • Support waste management operation by picking up and performing proper disposal of trash in landscapes, paths, perimeter and gardens; empties trash cans as necessary; sweeps around benches, stairs and entryways
  • Maintains athletic fields using appropriate lawn care procedures; groom infields, mounds and other applicable areas
  • Perform snow removal and ice mitigation on paths, entrances, playgrounds, perimeter and other hard surfaces with machines and physical labor to provide appropriate levels of access as per established organizational standards
  • Maintain surface drainage by keeping catch basins free of debris during heavy rain storms and remaining snow and ice in the winter months

Collaboration & Communication :

  • Assist in the preparation of special events as needed
  • Works with volunteers and seasonal interns
  • Cooperate with other staff within the department and other department personnel in completing assigned tasks
  • Displays the necessary initiative and dependability to work alone or in groups
  • Interact with Park patrons and colleagues in a courteous and professional manner

Related Work:

  • Operate various types of equipment including utility vehicle, light or medium weight trucks and tractors
  • Maintain tools and equipment in good working order and report items that require repair
  • Participates in all training sessions and seminars.
  • Daily reports of malfunctioning infrastructure, furnishings, safety hazards, quality of life issues
  • Perform related work as assigned


Minimum Requirements:

1. A four-year high school diploma or equivalent; and

2. Professional work experience in landscaping, park maintenance, turf maintenance or horticulture

3. Valid Drivers’ License that must be maintained for duration of employment

Additional Requirements for Assignment to Groundskeeper II

1. A satisfactory combination of education and/or experience in landscaping, park maintenance, turf maintenance that is equivalent to 5 years’ experience;

2. Demonstrated competency of essential job functions

Abilities Required

· Ability to work overtime, weekends and holidays as needed

· Ability to lift 50 lbs. and perform heavy physical labor on a daily basis in all weather conditions

Safety Requirements

Establishment and maintenance of a safe work environment is the shared responsibility of this
organization and employees at every level. The Conservancy will make every effort to assure a safe environment and be in compliance with federal, state,
and local safety regulations. Employees are expected to obey safety rules and to exercise caution in all their work activities. Accordingly, employees should be aware of any hazards, which could cause an injury or accident (e.g.,
spills, obstacles in walkways, etc.). If an employee discovers a potential dangerous condition, he/she should alert other employees and notify his/her supervisor immediately.

Additional Information

Contact Information

Central Park Conservancy
Contact Name: Shawntall Favorite
Phone: 646-795-5691
Website: Apply Online