Horticulture Trainee

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Compensation: $25.63/hour

Compensation: $25.63/hour

Title: Green Trainee
Work Location: Various locations in Brooklyn and the Bronx
Number of Positions: TBD
Hours/Shift: 40hrs/wk
Compensation: $25.63/hr

Under New York City’s Vision Zero program to eliminate traffic fatalities on city streets, NYC DOT is responsible for maintaining planted areas in various locations throughout the City; in particular at medians and step streets.
In collaboration with U ARIAS, NYC DOT is launching the second year of the Greener Roadways Training initiative; a program where New Yorkers are paid to care for greenspaces and roadway plantings. Under the guidance of landscape professionals and instructors, trainees will cultivate and preserve planted street medians across neighborhoods in Brooklyn and the Bronx. Trainees are paid for their time and will receive hands-on horticultural training, as well as industry-level certifications and mentorship on continuing careers in horticulture! We are seeking trainees for the program, which will take place between May and June of 2023. The program will include safety training, horticultural and general landscape maintenance education, and outdoor, hands-on fieldwork.


The program will provide trainees with a grounding in landscape maintenance. Specific topics covered in the program include:

  • OSHA 30-hour Safety Certificate (see Program Conditions)
  • Horticultural Training in areas such as:
  • Planting (sourcing materials, proper planting technique, plant handling and delivery, establishment, etc.)
  • Plant identification (perennials, shrubs, trees)
  • Pruning (ASTM standard requirements)
  • Watering (appropriate watering techniques, timing, quantity, etc.)
  • Mulching (mulch type, appropriate use, timing, etc.)
  • Weeding and Weed Identification
  • Soil (basics of composition and type, soil testing, plant impacts)
  • Pest Management (pest identification, control types, etc.)
  • Disease Identification (common signs of plant decline, remedies, etc.)
  • Irrigation Management (system operation, maintenance, start-up/shut-down procedures, etc.)
    Equipment Training and Safety Course
  • Operation and Safe Use of Equipment
  • Hands-on Instruction (routine checks, starting procedures, troubleshooting, and equipment testing)
  • Handling and Responding to Emergencies

Additional Information

There are no qualifications to join the program! To apply, please send a cover letter voicing your interest to uacgrt@gmail.com. Resumes are optional, but not required.
Only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. Preference will be given on a first-come-first-serve basis. A waitlist of candidates will be kept - applicants will be contacted with an offer as positions become available.

U. Arias Corp/ NYC Dept. of Transportation

Contact Information

U. Arias Corp/ NYC Dept. of Transportation
Email: uacgrt@gmail.com