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Start Date: Mid/End March  Compensation: $25+ / hour

Harlem Horticulture is a garden design, installation, and maintenance company about to begin its sixth season. We have a diverse portfolio of gardens with clients largely in Manhattan, a few in Brooklyn, and a large presence in the surrounding suburbs, Westchester, CT, and Long Island. 


The start time for work each day varies between 8:00a and 9:00am and days can end anytime between 3:30p and 6:30p. Spring through July tends to be the most busy with August usually being a bit slower. We usually get busy again after Labor Day and the season ends usually after Thanksgiving. Though we have worked well into December the past two seasons. 

The most important factors we consider for this position is someone who is fun, positive, and enthusiastic about our work. We spend a lot of time together and so it is important to bring a good attitude to work each day. We are also very open with communication and extremely understanding of the life you have outside of work. If given notice we will work to accommodate  your life outside of work if you need to end early a certain day. Same things goes for any vacations you may want or need to take during the season.  


We are seeking a horticulturist to assist with the day-to-day operations. The ideal candidate will have a background in horticulture with either formal knowledge or general experience working with plants. We are willing to train someone who may lack the knowledge but is highly motivated and interested in learning about everything plants. Preference will, however, be given to those with formal education / past experience. 

Additional Information

  • Please send an email to Jared@HarlemHorticulture.com
  • Include your resume
  • Also include a brief blurb about your interest in horticulture, experiences, and a little bit about yourself. This does not to be a formal cover letter as we are a bit informal.

Candidates who are being considered for the position will be asked to schedule a phone call to further discuss the position and your experiences. 

Contact Information

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