Irrigation Technician

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Compensation: $35+

Irrigation system installation, repair, troubleshooting, service, Winterizing, Startup, and all aspects from water source connection to drip emitters to setting timers.


  • After visiting several sites to see your work patterns, you will be sent solo to perform system assessments, leak repairs, seasonal timer settings, installations, Winterizing, and Startups.
  • Winterizing you’ll be set up with daily routes with pre-authorized access so you can focus on detaching the valve manifolds and blow the water out of the systems.


  • Please list your experiences with brass plumbing parts, copper soldering, PVC, poly pipe and gray barb connections with cinch rings, ½ inch drip tubing, ¼ inch spaghetti line, and ⅛ inch line with nursery pot emitters.
  • What is your experience with brass, copper, PVC, and poly pipe union fittings?
  • What timer brands and models are you familiar with setting?

Additional Information

Please email or text with your plumbing and irrigation experience, if you have tools, vehicle, air compressor or not. Also include a day and time range of when you can possibly speak on the phone or meet in person.

What would be your troubleshooting order of system components to check for a customer complaint of the plants not getting enough water? Please provide a numbered list in order of what you would check first, second, and more. What system components would you expect to fail or need replacement? How would you determine which item was the fail point?

Contact Information

Irrigation by Lesjack Landscapes LLC
Contact Name: Damon
Phone: 7078493885