Junior Gardener Gardener - Part-Time / Independent Contractor

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Start Date: April 19th  Compensation: $30hr

Matthew Placek Inc. is a boutique Landscape Design-Build-Maintenance group specializing in residential rooftops, terraces, and townhouse gardens throughout New York City. Starting out of a personal love for horticulture, Matthew Placek expanded to serve high-end & notable clients across Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens with an intimate team of gardeners and an unwavering eye for detail. Now a group of artists, designers, and horticulturists who create & maintain flourishing gardens with an understanding of native ecology, design, function, and client demands with the intention to provide a unique approach to urban gardening from an artist’s perspective.

We are seeking gardeners to join our team. Gardeners are responsible for implementing horticultural maintenance and seasonal tasks in collaboration with the Senior Gardener(s). We seek gardeners with vast horticulture experience and those with an interest & willingness to learn.  This work often boils down to glorified outdoor housekeeping. Applicants must be open and have some sense of joy in cleaning as well as caring for plants. We hire gardeners as independent contractors starting at $30/hr. 


  • Assist Senior Gardeners in Garden Service maintenance  and installation 
  • Participate in all horticulture activities; planting, pruning, fertilizing and maintenance, etc.
  • Alert Senior Gardener to all site conditions and plant health issues. 
  • Load-in /out supplies on site with the team. 
  • Glorified outdoor “housekeeping” 


  • Effective communication with team members to work collaboratively and efficiently on projects.  
  • Keen eye for detail 
  • Ability to carry a load of 50 lbs. up and down a flight of stairs 
  • Ability to take direction well and complete multiple tasks with detail and proficiency 
  • Interest in urban horticulture, sustainability, the environment 
  • Motivated towards the development of professional gardening skills 

Additional Information

How to Apply: 

Submit a cover letter and resume to Matthew Placek at matthew@matthewplacek.com Resumes without cover letters will not be considered. Applicants will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Applications received by April 14th 2023 will be prioritized.


Contact Information

Matthew Placek Inc.
Contact Name: Matthew P Placek
Email: matthew@matthewplacek.com