Manager, Turf Care

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The Turf Care Manager is responsible for all high level leadership, program management, and administration of all turf care and is part of a team that manages Park Operations as a whole. Working under the general direction of the Director of Landscape Management, the Manager is primarily responsible for the overall management of the turf care program within Central Park. It is expected that the Manager will work across departments and with other Managers in Park Operations to perform their primary tasks


Minimum Requirements

  1. Bachelor’s Degree from accredited college in a related field; 10 years of increasingly responsible experience in maintenance work in the field of Turfgrass management including a minimum of 8 years in the management and supervision of others; or
  2. Education and/or experience equivalent to “1” above. However all candidates must possess the 8 years of management and supervision of others
  3. Valid Drivers’ License that must be maintained for duration of employment
  4. NYS Pesticide Applicators License
  5. Possess a fundamental understanding and knowledge of Turfgrass management using modern practices; experience in urban parks is desirable.

Abilities Required

  1. Ability to provide both oral and written communication that is easily understood and direct in its content
  2. Ability to engage in critical thinking skills that allow for prioritizing issues, coordinating multiple projects and problem solve
  3. Knowledge of computer equipment and Microsoft Office applications and management systems
  4. Ability to work overtime, weekends and holidays as needed
  5. Ability to lift 50 lbs. and perform heavy physical labor on a daily basis in all weather conditions


Essential Duties

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Hire, supervise and perform annual performance reviews of all employees and ensure supervision and discipline administration are aligned with CPC standards.
  • Lead and coach employees using established performance management and staff development effort providing consistent feedback.
  • Delegate and ensure that reports are responsible for satisfactory performance of assignments.
  • Plan, direct and coordinate, through subordinate level managers, department’s work plan. Meets with management and staff to identify and resolve problems.
  • Working with the Director of Landscape Management, implement training programs for safety and work techniques that are current with professional standards and administered at appropriate intervals; keeps current on safety rules and procedures; review on an annual basis.


  • Coordinates with NYC Parks and other City agencies as necessary
  • Collaborate with other Managers in Landscape Management, Volunteer Management and other departments within Park Operations to achieve set work plan goals.
  • Coordinates and communicates with other departments at CPC and disseminates pertinent information to employees
  • Coordinate with special event management pertaining to events on turf surfaces
  • Keeps Director of Landscape Management informed of all matters as they relate to turf care and to the Park as a whole

Program Management

  • Create an annual work plan within established framework setting daily, weekly, seasonal and annual tasks and develop measurements against and regularly report on progress of set annual work plan.
  • Establish predictive/preventive maintenance program indicators and work processes and procedures for the turf care program. Continually inspect, monitor and manage the performance of lawn areas
  • Manage the application of pesticides, fertilizer, and other turf care products in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws including record keeping requirements
  • Create schedules and coordinate maintenance priorities and work schedules with all other department Managers to ensure all work is performed consistently throughout the Park.
  • Management and repair of automatic irrigation systems. Responsible for pump station maintenance, start-up and winterization
  • Establish written work procedures
  • Working with Director of Landscape Management and other Managers, develop an annual turf care budget and monitor expenses throughout the fiscal year; also develop future fiscal year planning for large expenditure purchases of equipment, vehicles, supplies or contracted services; follow all proper procurement procedures set by CPC.
  • Make all purchase requests and provide supporting documentation justifying requests as necessary; solicit and obtain all necessary bids and quotations for pricing. Provide supporting documentation justifying requests as necessary. Prepares and executes contracts and request for bids
  • Prepare and manages all contracted services related to turf care, ensure contractor compliance and maintain records for service provided
  • Use computer based management systems for budget control, scheduling, timekeeping and inspections.

Related Work

  • Maintain inventory control and proper care of all tools, equipment, supplies and staff uniforms.
  • Responds effectively and in a timely manner to administrative requests
  • Respond to and manage emergency situations including but not limited to storms and snow events.
  • Although not part of day to day tasks, the Turf Care Manager may be called upon to apply pesticides and turf care products as needed and/or required
  • Collect detailed records and ensure accuracy of data related to the turf care program. Prepare presentations and reports associated with turf care programs and schedules
  • Other duties as assigned

Additional Information

Contact Information

Central Park Conservancy
Contact Name: Shawntall Favorite
Website: Apply Online