Part-Time Horticultural Maintenance

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Compensation: $20-$25 per hour

This role is for an experienced horticulture technician to provide on-site maintenance for high-end clients. 


The following is a general list of job duties, but may not encompass all tasks:

  • Visit various plant accounts each day to water, prune, install and generally maintain the plants on-site. 
  • Keep detailed notes about each account and provide daily reports on work done and action taken. 
  • Be able to troubleshoot issues with plants to revive and maintain their health. 
  • Be able to provide suggestions for new installations and existing clients and source them at the nursery.
  • Take the lead on plant installations of varying size
  • Be willing to travel around the NYC metro area using mass transit to visit each account. 
  • Make sure all plant accounts are maintained on time and to the specifications of the operations team and customer.
  • Must take pictures and upload plant account pictures 


  • Plant/Greenhouse maintenance experience required
  • Extensive knowledge of plant types and their needs mandatory
  • Willingness and ability to lift heavy objects 
  • Willingness to work very early in the morning 

Contact Information

Rachel Cho Floral Design
Phone: 212-877-2877