Part Time Office Assistant

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Company Information: Arborpolitan is a full-service arboriculture firm located in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. We focus on organic land care and tree work through the use of natural and traditional products. As an arborist firm we handle tree evaluation, pruning, removals, consulting, Integrated Pest Management, and tree/garden installation. We promote a healthy work environment by working closely with each other and have continuous education for all workers from office staff to PHC techs to climbers.

Benefits: Competitive Salary and Flexible Scheduling

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Arborpolitan is looking to hire a part-time office assistant to perform the following tasks

  • Assist in scheduling crew work-days, arborist appointments, and plant health care routes
  • Maintain a work/client call log
  • Handle concerns of clients
  • Send out invoices and help to collect on payments
  • File and maintain office paperwork


Prospective employee should be have good communication skills, ability to learn software and filing system, understand Quick Books, work well in a small group, type well, learn a bit about arboriculture and the care of trees, shrubs, and greenspaces.

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