Tropical Garden Permanent Part Time

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Start Date: Oct 25  Compensation: $25

Permanent part time help maintaining the live tropical garden housing butterflies at the American Museum of Natural History. Tropical experience not necessary but an interest in horticulture preferred. Duties are watering, pruning, general clean up of the garden. The schedule is flexible but work will be done two to three times per week in the evenings after museum hours or early mornings before the museum opens. This is an exciting opportunity as this is the first butterfly garden in the museum’s new building and is visited by thousands of people each year.


Responsibilities are watering, pruning, insect identification (NO PESTICIDES OF ANY KIND), general clean up. This is for plants only and does not include caring for butterflies.


Experience with tropical plants is preferred but not required. 

Additional Information

Side note: It's really an incredible privilege to be working after hours in the American Museum of Natural History!

Contact Information

Canal Gardens Inc
Contact Name: Ron Canal
Phone: 917-312-1337