Plant Buyer - Assistant

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  • Identify best suppliers to attain materials for jobs.
  • Ability to determine quality of product and procure those quality materials at the best possible prices and terms and within budget.
  • Control and eliminate wasteful spending and excess buying of materials.
  • With confidence negotiate best quality and prices always looking out for the best interests of the company and to save money where applicable.
  • Manage and maintain quality inventories where they are stored (shop, yard and greenhouse) and continually look for best practices for such storage.
  • Protect the assets and materials of the company through quality care standards and securing against theft, misuse of company property or environmental risk.
  • Negotiate and arrange for efficient and timely deliveries.
  • Check accuracy of orders, including quality of product.
  • Check accuracy of delivery by matching original order details to what has been delivered then rectifying as needed.
  • Manage yard personnel by overseeing, giving direction and tasks, collecting time sheets if applicable.
  • Work with division managers to carry-out company project goals and production schedules.
  • Submit worksheets in a timely fashion.
  • Travel as needed to find, tag and secure appropriate number of plants for upcoming projects.
  • Evaluate and select plants that meet the company quality standards. Keep budget in mind and protect company resources by making educated decisions.
  • Enhance and build organization’s reputation by representing, and conducting one’s self in a professional manner at all times.
  • Share and enforce company policies with staff, communicate rules and regulations to staff, and as a manager, keep the best interests of the company in mind and act based on that premis

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