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The mission of Plant Plant is to bring the MAGIC of plants into the lives of every Plant Planter; we do this by creating community, filling spaces with plants, and providing the resources needed to help both the plants, and the plant people, thrive.

Plant Plant envisions a world where people feel deeply connected to the Earth - to Mother Nature - via immersion in her most vibrant creation - plants. We believe that in this connection, Plant People will feel more connected to themselves, their community and ultimately become high-positive-impact citizens of the planet. Role Summary

Plant Designer + Plant Care Expert
Plant Plant brings the joy of plants directly into people’s homes; our plant installs are inspired by our vision to create a spiritual connection between people + their plants. To that, we seek to hire a freelance designer with demonstrated experience in installing interior plants, who has a unique approach to their care.


  • Gather initial materials from clients, including images of their space
  • Use 3D mapping or the appropriate design tools to ‘Plant Plant’ their space
  • Lead meeting with client to present and get approval on designs
  • Make revisions to designs per client feedback
  • Coordinate with PP’s wholesale partners to purchase plants
  • Gather the required planters; maintain relationship with PP’s wholesale planter partner
  • Coordinate PP’s support team to transport + install PP’s; ensure support team is installing according to approved designs
  • Present finished space to client
  • Manage Plant Care program; this might include activating weekly text message or email reminders, and will include at least once monthly visits to client’s homes to check on plants


The strongest candidates will demonstrate:

  • Deep knowledge + understanding of plants—their care, unique characteristics, scientific processes - - but also their therapeutic and spiritual properties + abilities
  • Strong design skills
  • A tested approach to Plant Care
  • Superior design sense, intuitive understanding of design + space planning
  • Ability to work with wholesalers, vendors + install teams
  • Previous experience using 3-D mapping software
  • Knowledge and understanding of industrial design
  • Experience working with Tri-State area nurseries + plant wholesalers

Additional Information

Start Date = ASAP
Estimated # of hours per month thru May 2020 = 20
Hourly rate = Negotiable based on experience + expertise To Apply
Those interested in the position should submit a cover letter + resume to
In the cover letter, please answer the following questions:

  • Why are you right for this role?
  • In your opinion, in what ways are plants magical?

Please note: Only Those Applications That Address These Questions Will Be Considered

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