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Plant expert needed for assistance regarding a unique work by artist Fatma Bucak entitled “Damascus Rose” which will be on view in an exhibition opening at the Italian Cultural Institute of New York on October 17.

“Damascus Rose” is a garden of Damask roses – a once iconic species at risk of disappearing as the Syrian fields in which it grows have largely been abandoned as a consequence of the civil war. The artist works with a network of collaborators to transport young cuttings of the rose from fields close to Damascus in Syria to Turkey, via Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Italy. Fittingly, the cuttings are repeatedly delayed, mishandled, and sometimes even destroyed. Those cuttings that survive the journey – embodying a sense of loss, imperiled possibility, and the desire for life – Bucak grafts onto ‘host’ rose hip plants and replants to form a garden built of the detritus of memory accumulated and discarded throughout our current age of global migrations.

As we do not know how to best care for the rose and we hope to see it grow and thrive at the Institute and beyond, we are wondering if there are any experts from Metro Hort Group who may be willing to lend us some advice and a helping hand to ensure that this delicate rose will not only survive its time at the Institute but also flourish and have the potential to join other communities after the exhibition closes.



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Contact Name: Chiara Mannarino
Phone: +19174429842