Senior Associate - Nursery Manager

This is an exciting position with a growing small business to manage nursery production, sales, and horticultural consulting. We are seeking an outgoing, intelligent, and physically capable person to take our plant production and sales to a higher level. The Nursery Manager is a critical part of our business and this is the first year we are able to offer this job as a F/T, year-round position. The Nursery Manager must be able to cover a wide variety of tasks as the seasons change. In the spring we are busy setting up and propagation. In the summer and Fall we sell plants, install them, care for plants, deliver, and re-supply. As the weather turns cold and erratic, we decrease our total staff and the nursery manager must therefore provide meaningful contributions to other aspects of the business, such as scientific consulting, landscape construction, and landscape design.

About Us

At the moment our web site is under construction. Please visit our Instagram account @1nature to learn more about what we do. We are a for profit, certified B Corp. We are a registered NYS plant nursery that specializes in native plants, edible perennials (such as fruit trees and raspberries), and DIY Environmentalism. We provide plants at our retail center, to government contracts and to our own landscape construction projects. We have a retail plant nursery in Beacon and a production nursery in Montgomery, NY.

Salary and Benefits

This is a full-time position with an initial 6 month trial period (from March 18 to October 18, 2019). The salary for this position is $37,500 and is not negotiable. We anticipate providing 10% annual raises for at least the first three years of employment. Benefits include: 1 sick day per month, family friendly work environment, 40 hour work weeks, unlimited vacation time policy (weighted towards the off season), 12 paid holidays, LGBQT friendly, NYS mandated benefits such as workers compensation and paternity/maternity leave. Unfortunately, we cannot provide health benefits or 401k contributions at this time.

Required Start Date

March 18th, 2018

Duties include

  • Co-design and execute a business plan for overall company plant production and sales;
  • Co-develop a custom retail experience at our Main Street garden center and online;
  • Provide manual labor related to plant production, invasive species removal, and occasionally landscape construction;
  • Co-develop and implement chemical-free invasive species management plans;
  • Provide professional consulting services related to plants, habitat restoration, and agricultural production;
  • Schedule and execute pickups and deliveries throughout the tri-state areas;
  • Track and manage plant inventories;
  • Plan and coordinate with instructors for educational workshops at the garden center;
  • Design and install drip irrigation systems in the nursery and at landscape construction projects;
  • Support marketing and “guerilla” advertising activities;
  • Support related to brand development and management; and,
  • Other tasks as required by the position.

Desired Skills and Resources

  • Personal Vehicle and Driver’s License
  • Must pass a NYS DOT background check and physical
  • Personal smart phone (for taking pictures in the field and communicating with the team via WhatsApp)
  • Experience driving box truck (example: Uhauls) and pickup truck w/ trailer
  • Microsoft excel and word proficieny
  • Excellent plant identification skills
  • At least 2 years experience working in the plant industry (such as agriculture, nursery, landscaping, etc.)
  • Ability to learn and manage square space
  • Experience or strong interest in business development
  • Experience or strong interest in perennial food systems
  • Experience or strong interest in landscape design
  • Experience or strong interest in native plants and their habitats
  • Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds easily, work in adverse weather conditions, and abide by all safety requirements related to the task at hand.


A combination of advanced education and on-the-job experience is required.

To Apply

Send resume and cover letter to NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. References will be required prior to hiring.

Contact Information