Senior Landscape Designer

Westover Landscape Design

Senior Landscape Designer - Westchester County (pay commensurate with level of experience)
- Freelance with an option for Full-time

The Senior Landscape Designer will help with the following on an as needed basis:
• Conduct Landscape design consultation with clients at their homes
• Take Measurements, photographs and site analysis; determination of spot elevations as needed for grading projects
• Prepare 2D design plan drawings using Dynascape and create design presentations with Powerpoint
• Participate in site analysis, design recommendations, client communications, and project execution
• Help Project Manager, as needed, with preparing detailed estimates and proposals
• Conduct presentation meetings with clients - show plants and revise design as needed
• Select/obtain plants from wholesale and retail nurseries and growers
• Supervise crews with on-site- set up plants and supervise any other details as needed; make sure that clients approve of what’s being done in real-time; provide clients with information about how to care for and maintain their landscape; coordinate with other contractors e.g. for irrigation, masonry, tree care

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