MHG Meetings

Stephen W. Kress, author of The Audubon Guide to Attracting Birds, will talk on the relationship between wild birds and the plants that offer them food, shelter and nesting places. When you mimic natural habitats you will find a greater variety of birds visiting and then staying longer in the vicinity. He will explain how the fruits of native plants provide food for birds and in turn the birds help plants by distributing their seeds. Planting the proper mix of native fruiting and flowering trees, shrubs, and vines will help to meet the needs of birds throughout the seasons while filling your gardens with their songs and bright colors. Dr. Kress will make specific recommendations for which plants to select and how to arrange them on a site to duplicate natural bird habitats. He will explain why native plants are usually better for birds than introduced species. To further enhance properties for birds he will also address how to create water baths, pools and habitats for cavity-nesting birds.

STEPHEN KRESS is the former VP for Bird Conservation at The National Audubon Society. Among other projects he was founder of Project Puffin, an Audubon program that restored puffins and other rare and endangered seabirds to islands on the Maine coast and many other locations worldwide. Taking his interest in bird restoration to backyards and larger habitats, he recognized the parallels between restoring seabirds to islands and creating bird-friendly habitats on properties large and small. He is the author of numerous books on birds including The Audubon Society Guide to Attracting Birds which will be on sale at the lecture. It is a fully comprehensive book which includes detailed chapters on selecting plants, water projects, nesting, roosting structures and more.