Frances Reidy - Reducing or Eliminating Aesthetic Use Pesticides

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Frances Reidy

Trees: Reducing or Eliminating Aesthetic use Pesticides

In this age of ‘Natives,’ ‘Green initiatives,’ ‘Sustainability,’ ‘Permaculture,’ ‘CSA’s’ and so on, are we really ‘walking the walk’ as much as we should be? Having dropped my pesticide license 11 years ago to find the ‘natural balance’ in horticulture we all talk about, does this really exist and is this really the goal? Buzz words have permeated the industry, but is it built upon ‘same old, same old’ practices? As we have become ‘bee, butterfly and pollinator–centric’ have we forgotten beneficial insects in our formula? The commonly known ladybug and praying mantis are quite misunderstood, and constitute a very small segment of the beneficial insect, arachnid, and animal population.

The lecture will ask questions and introduce strategies to handle pests in a more environmental and sustainable way. It will address threshold levels, scouting, pesticide application, some common beneficials. It will ask why current graduates of horticulture schools cannot identify larvae, eggs and adult beneficials, but know many common pesticides. It will challenge common misconceptions such as ‘they’re too slow’ ‘they don’t work’ ‘they are killing bees and butterflies.’ I want to introduce many strategies for pest control: beneficials, pruning, traps, companions, hosts, bankers, indicators and so forth. I hope the members will leave with information, ideas, questions and a better understanding of our friends in the field who are help us keep our garden creations at their best.

Since 1991, FRANCES REIDY has been the owner of Dryad Tree and Shrub Diagnostics, LLC. She graduated from Farmingdale College with a degree in Ornamental Horticulture: Arboriculture major. As an ISA Certified Arborist, Frances worked for many companies: climbing, stump grinding, bucket work, landscaping, traditional tree sprays, IPM, inventories, etc. She is active in several arborist associations, became the first female President of the Long Island Arborist Association and was the first female on the Board of Directors of the New York State Arborists Association.

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Frances Reidy