STEPHANIE LUCAS - 380,000 Bulbs & Counting: Planting on the Front Lines of New York City

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Thursday, February 18th
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Stephanie Lucas
380,000 Bulbs and Counting: Planting on the Front Lines of New York City

New Yorkers have a passion for bulbs. Botanists have been discussing plant blindness since the ’90s but even the most oblivious New Yorkers can identify a tulip, a daffodil, and other spring blooming beauties. Spring bulbs create spaces that instill a sense of nostalgia and can inspire a new generation of gardeners. Planting spring bulbs every fall is a promise that we will make it through another winter.

Stephanie has planted over three hundred and eighty thousand bulbs over the past decade with help from volunteers. During this program, Stephanie will discuss some of the successes and failures in designing with bulbs and how to make more dynamic spring displays. She will also share stories and tips for managing spring bulbs in the urban environment.

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Stephanie Lucas

Stephanie Lucas is the Deputy Director of Horticulture and Operations at Madison Square Park Conservancy in New York City, where she has managed 7 acres of dynamic public green space and urban forest since 2010. During her tenure she has elevated Madison Square Park Conservancy as an American Public Garden and a Class 1 Arboretum. She is the curator of the Conservancy’s daffodil, redbud, hydrangea, camellia, witch hazel collections and the Madison Square Horticulture Seasonal Exhibitions. Stephanie holds a BS in Horticulture and Turf grass Science from the University of Connecticut and serves on the board of Metro Hort.